12. Biological efficacy of some leaf herbicides against economically important weeds in field experiments with wheat

Author: Аnyo Mitkov

DOI: n/a


During the period 2006–2008 a field experiment was carried out with Sadovo 1 wheat cultivar in the village of Miladinovtsi, Yambol District. Five herbicide preparations were the object of a comparative efficacy trial – Palace 75 WG, Derby Super WG, Weedmaster 464 SL, Larren 60 HR and Hussar max WG. A preliminary representative survey of some industrial areas within the territory of Miladinovtsi was conducted. The object of the study were at least 20% of the fields under wheat. The identification of the species composition and density of weeds was done by the routing method in compliance with the adopted unified methodology for measuring and mapping of weeds in agricultural areas in Bulgaria. Ten species of weeds typical of cereals were specified, among which only 5 species were of the most common type. The experiment was carried out by the block method in 4 replications, on highly mix-type-weeded production areas of a total size of the trial plot – 25 m². The herbicides were imported in the spring – the end of tillering/start of stem elongation stage and at doses and under the terms registered in Bulgaria. The treatment was performed by means of a hand sprayer Solo, with a working solution of 30 l/da.