2.8. Influence of herbicides on the weeds and yield in maize Kn. 611

Author: Sonya Hristova

DOI: n/a


During the 2000-2002 year in Maize Research Institute – Kneja has taken field experiment with hybrid Kn. 611, with 8 variants in 4 replication. Against weeds us 5 soil and 1 leaf herbicides. The soil herbicides has introduce after sowing before development on the maize and the weeds. The leaf herbicides introduce in the fase 3-5 leaf in maize. The experiment has taken in the biock-method and 29,4 m2 size of the yield – recod plot. Reporting the weeds has taken 14 days after treatment in the soil herbicides and 28 days after treatment in the leaf herbicides.