3. State of popolation Goniolimon collinum (Griseb.) Boiss. in locality Yazovira

Author: Ivanka Ivanova, Nadejda Zaprianova, Valeria Ivanova

DOI: n/a


The state of the protected wild species Goniolimon collinum (Griseb.) Boiss. population was studied in the period 2013-2014. The habitat is located near the village of Markovo in the locality Yazovira – N – 42º03´739´´; E – 024 º41´699´´ and altitude of 350 ± 5 m. The habitat occupies an area of about 2.0 ha and neither the size nor the state of the field experienced changes during the two years. The population was stable and numerous – around 3,400 plants. The plants were very well developed, with 1-2 flowering stems per plants. Over the years no change in the ratio of generative and vegetative plants within the populations was observed. The generative individuals (75%) dominated in the population which is an indicator of the population stability.