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In 2012, with the active participation of the Managing Board and the Academic Council of the Agricultural University, important changes were made in the publication of Scientific Works (annual collection) of the University.
Previously, articles were published without reviews, editing or references. They had to be submitted on tracing paper without electronic version.
Since last year – volume 56, 2012 – as we started our transition to the new rating system and European standards and applied for access to Sсopus database – articles are submitted in electronic and paper form; they are reviewed, edited, including their parts in English, and are fully referred to CAB Abstracts and partially to 30 other databases of CAB International and EBSCO Publishing.
Every annual collection has three advantages – it is published every year (in our case: every even year – scientific works of the Agricultural University; every odd year – scientific works from scientific conferences), includes all scientific fields covered by the University, and is free. It includes scientific work during the passed year and is a platform for the development of researchers. Students and PhD candidates are also permitted to publish materials in it.
In order to realize this ambitious idea, the Academic Council chose a new Editors’ Team (Record No. 7/22.04.2016) with the following members: editor-in-chief – Prof. Shteliyana Kalinova, PhD.; members – Prof. Dimo Penkov, DSc, Prof. Mariana Nakova, DSc, Prof. Stoyan Filipov, PhD, Prof. Emiliya Mihaylova, PhD, Prof. Ivan Yanchev, PhD and Assoc. Prof. Georgi Komitov, PhD, Executive editor – Tanya Tsvetkovska.
The new requirement for publishing the Collection is placed by Sсopus database (since February 2012) – for transliteration in Latin characters of article references and quotations inside the text.
The Editors’ Team of Scientific Works of the Agricultural University accepted the recommendation of the Institute of Bulgarian Language to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to use the transliteration system used for the new identity documents; it will function as a standard national transliteration system. It was promulgated in State Gazette, issue 33 /1999, with amendments promulgated in State Gazette, issue 14 / 2000 and issue 19/ 13.03.2009. According to this system each Bulgarian character corresponds to a Latin character or Latin character combination.

Рreparation of articles for print and printing the an ANNUAL BOOK is carried out in the Academic Publishing House of the Agricultural University.

Disribution – online and under the Book-Exchange Programme