Development of specialized tourism types in protected areas (modelled on Roussenski Lom nature park)
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Author: Maria Vodenska, Ventsislav Chemberski
The paper aims at revealing the possibilities and the limitations for eco-tourism development on the territory of Roussenski Lom Nature Park. The main concept to be found in the paper is the understanding that the available natural and man-made resources are not adequately utilized and the offering of a comprehensive eco-tourism product is lacking. Secondary data is analyzed as well as primary information is gathered through the implementation of two questionnaire surveys – among the local population and among visitors. This created the possibility of the elaboration of a SWOT analysis related to the eco-tourism development in Roussenski Lom Nature Park. It was established that the Nature Park possesses the necessary resources for the development of eco-tourism. Natural resources are ecologically pure, traditions in welcoming guests are present, particular tourism equipment is also available. Numerous sites and routes creating the possibility for practicing various activities and tourism types are available.