Pilgrimage and tourism - yesterday and today
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Author: Bratoi Koprinarov
The object of study in this article is the pilgrimage and its objective links with certain types of tourism. It is still not tourism in the contemporary sense of this word, but it is part of its primary stem forms. The purpose of its analysis is to identify some of those signs of proto-tourism, which reveal it as a preparation for modern international tourism, cultural tourism in particular. After analyzing the pilgrimage in the Middle Ages we can summarize the merits of the argument that it is a manifestation of proto-tourism and objective prerequisite for the development of modern tourism. Although motivated primarily by the search for spiritual healing, by the need to satisfy a certain religious hunger, pilgrimage also prepares in spiritual as well as in a practical sense the trend towards globalization of the horizons of the late-medieval person and forms the basis of contemporary tourism.