Prospects for congress tourism development in Bourgas
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Author: Katya Ilieva
Congress tourism is a segment of business tourism which is increasingly demonstrating its significant presence in the global tourism industry. The article aims to analyze the prerequisites and to present the prospects for the development of congress tourism in Bourgas. In this regard, the characteristics of the destination are discussed – its strategic location, transport accessibility, social, economic and cultural development as well as the development of specialized types of tourism. The functions and capacity of the convention, conference and culture centers existing in Bourgas are considered (Sea Casino Cultural Center, Flora Exposition Center, etc.).The existing hotel and restaurant superstructure is analyzed with respect to class A and B, 3- to 5-star rating accommodation conditions and the capacity it provides. The potential for conference tourism development of the university campuses facilities in the town is discussed. To achieve the aim pursued, the study used internal and external sources for the collection of secondary data (desk research), Internet resources, and related research in EBSCO databases. Deductive and inductive approaches were applied in the research process and the specific methods used include critical analysis, comparison and systematization, summary and synthesis.