Cultural tourism - part of the sustainable tourism in the city of Plovdiv
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Author: Krasimir Aleksandrov, Jordanka Ikova
In the era of globalization tourism is one of the most rapidly developing sectors of world economy. Modern tourism has become an economic and social phenomenon of the daily life of hundreds of millions of people. Bulgaria has significant resources for the development of tourism. The country has a unique concentration of tourism products on a relatively small territory. A large portion of the tourism flow in Bulgaria passes through the tourism region of Plovdiv and respectively through the city of Plovdiv. In terms of being attractive as a cultural-tourism destination, Plovdiv occupies the first place in the country. According to a poll conducted in 2015, 74,4% of the respondents chose to visit Plovdiv for the cultural events that took place there. Plovdiv was also awarded with the most prestigious title in the field of culture – the city was chosen to be European Capital of Culture 2019. There are plenty of resources and a great potential in Plovdiv that need to be incorporated in a new, more advanced and sophisticated model for social and cultural transformation, which focuses on the development of the cultural and creative industries