Modern aspects of spa tourism development in the region of Smolyan
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Author: Mariana Lambova
The report makes a critical analysis of the present incomplete use of the hydromineral resources in the region of Smolyan – Bulgaria. Prospects for the development of spa tourism are discussed in the context of the newly adopted regional strategy for tourism development and the background of the intensification of cross-border partnerships in this business. The study argues that this part of the Central Rhodopes is a favourable territory for the creation and provision of innovative integrated tourism product, the core of which could form spa treatment, prevention and health tourism, but the neglect of this opportunity and inconsistency on the part of the local authorities put an obstacle to its implementation. The formulation of the modern aspects in the Rhodope`s spa tourism is bound with the market needs, with the state of the competitive environment and with the overall investment climate in the region. The deficiency of professional staff in the industry and the impact of unfavourable demographic trends on spa tourism are emphasized.