Partnership between the public and private sectors in the development of specialized types of tourism
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Author: Svetoslav Iliychovski
The partnership between the corporate sector and public organizations is a key feature in the implementation of the cohesion policy between member states. The presence of modern and quality infrastructure is a major stimulus for economic growth and hence for improvement of the living standards of the population. In the process of economic development of Bulgarian economy modern and alternative solutions in the field of public services and modernized infrastructure are required as well as communal activities. Proven and successful practice along these lines is the concession of public property. The concession dam is seen as a kind of public-private partnership that is a modern, widely used means of economically viable and socially efficient management of public (municipal) resources. Fishing tourism is a promising area in the tourism industry. It is necessary the public authorities and the private sector to support its development through the development and implementation of a municipal strategy for fisheries. Fishing tourism is a business that can develop the tourism potential in the country.