Impact of ecotourism on the assortment sustainability
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Author: Simeonka Petrova
Modern tourism industry is developing under dynamically changing conditions. The tourism markets, competitors, offered products and services are changing. Tourism as an economic sector is characterized by the constant search for new alternatives for sustainable development. These alternatives should ensure customer satisfaction for the tourists practising ecotourism, by meeting the demand for higher quality of the products and services and providing an independent contact with nature. The main purpose of this paper is to examine and interpret the essential nature of ecotourism as a specialized type of tourism, and on this basis to determine the opportunities for measuring its impact on the assortment sustainability of the tourism products and services offered. There are certain reasons for the researcher’s interest in ecotourism. The variety and beauty of Bulgarian nature provide numerous opportunities for ecotourism. This specialized type of tourism combines tourism products or services that are defined as alternatives to the mass tourism product. Thus ecotourism becomes a factor with a significant impact on the sustainability of the assortment of products and services in the tourism industry.