Needs of the specialized tourism types for a specific infrastructure and superstructure
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Author: Vanya Vasileva
Tourism superstructure is the set of buildings and structures in the tourist area. They participate directly in the creation of the tourist product. Tourism infrastructure does not create a direct tourism product but is a carrier of the general material conditions. Without them tourism development is impossible. Tourism infrastructure must precede the construction of tourism superstructure. The nature of the specialized types of tourism assumes specific needs for common and specialized tourism infrastructure and superstructure. The aim of the present paper is to define those needs. For the purposes of the study the methods of typology, observation, comparison and synthesis were used. The following conclusions were made: specialized types of tourism need specific infrastructure and superstructure. In the different types of specialized tourism this need was expressed in varying degrees. In the majority of the specialized types of tourism that demand is strongly expressed. This is one of the main reasons for the more expensive tourism product of the specialized types of tourism.