Preconditions for development birdwatching tourism in Burgas region
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Author: Veselina Atanasova-Georgieva
Alongside the mass type of tourism in Bulgaria, alternative tourism is gaining popularity and as an advanced conceptual form of modern trends in the process of demand. The characteristics of alternative tourism are related to the offering of specialized tourism products and services corresponding to the customized demand from tourists, corresponding to emotions and experiences. One of the contemporary forms of alternative tourism is the so-called Ornithological Tourism or Birdwatching. It is characterized by photos of birds rare to an area and recording the sounds that they make. The article outlines the possibilities for the development of ornithological tourism in the region of Bourgas, emphasis is placed on the ornithological resources in the country as well as on highlighting their competitive characteristics which contribute to the development of this kind of tourism. The characteristics of birdwatching are analyzed together with the factors and types of ornithological places which determine the prerequisites for its development.