Direct marketing - a local strategy for development of the small-scale organic farms in Bulgaria
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DOI: 10.22620/SCIWORKS.2016.56.014
Author: Yuliya Dzhabarova
–ěrganic farming stimulates the development of additional on-farm activities. Thus it reveals new opportunities for the small-scale farmers to support the local communities and at the same time to get additional incomes. Unfortunately, on their way the Bulgarian organic farmers should overcome many barriers to the production and distribution. The aim of the study is to offer an adequate marketing tool for the small-scale organic farms in the country. By applying it they should successfully integrate in the local surrounding through using their strengths and local advantages. In order to achieve this aim an empirical research was carried out by using the methods of observation and in-depth interview. The inquiry was provided with experts in the sector by the usage of a semi-structured questionnaire. Data were requested for the state and the problems facing the small-scale organic producers, as well as the possibilities to surmount them. A part of the results is presented summarized. The main conclusion that follows is that direct marketing is a strategic possibility for the small-scale organic producers in order to integrate into the local communities and an alternative for faster organic market development in Bulgaria.