Strategic alliance as an alternative to hotel managers in the destination of Bansko, Bulgaria
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Author: Iliyan Marinov
The strategic alliances in the hospitality sector are a modern form of business organisation, which offers many advantages and constitutes a good alternative for achieving market share expansion, implementing high service standards and improving loyal customer retention. The dynamic tourism market requires the ability to adapt quickly and therefore through consolidation of the efforts, the set targets could be achieved more easily. This article provides information about the peculiarities of the strategic alliances in the hospitality business by introducing this concept as a successful business model ensuring competitive advantages. By presentation of an actual situation to hotel managers in the resort of Bansko, Bulgaria, the author would like to provide information about the potential benefits and risks of the partnership in order to be able to study their awareness and attitude towards this new business model. The paper also presents the main results of the study and confirms that the hotel managers are still not ready to accept the strategic alliance as a great alternative and a key step towards business development.