Arthropod pests of ornamental plants in nurseries in the region of Pazardzik
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Author: Atanaska Stoeva, Dimitar Damyanov
Surveys of arthropod pests on ornamental plants were made in a commercial nursery in the region of Pazardzik in 2013. The nursery produces plant propagation material (flowers, shrubs and trees) and also grows imported propagation material from European countries. A total of 29 species were found to damage the ornamental plants most of which were from the family Aphididae. The majority of aphid species were established on deciduous trees and shrubs. Many of them were well known pests on their host plants both in urban and forest environment in Europe. These are Aulacorthum circumflexum, Phyllaphis fagi, Aphis craccivora, Pemphigus populi, Tetraneura ulmi, Tuberolachnus salignus, Eriosoma lanigerum, Myzus cerasi and Macrosiphum rosae. Two species, one from genus Cinara and one from Myzocallis are recorded as sp. native for North America and invasive for Europe.