Current trends in the creation of flowering meadows in urban areas
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Author: Tzenka Kuneva, Desislava Dancheva, Zlatka Kabatliyska
An increasingly growing tendency for the creation of perennial flowering meadowsin the urban areas is observedin the landscape practices in many European countries as an expression of a highly developed ecological awareness and care for nature. Of a paramount importance for their increasing widespread use is their role in the strategies for the conservation of the local flora and fauna, as well as the ecologically oriented concepts for their construction and low maintenance costs. The paper provides information about the nature of the perennial flowering meadow as a type of lawn and the contemporary trends, based on several years of work on the topic and literature study. The types of habitats for flowering meadows in the urban areas of Bulgaria are defined based on an analysis of published results for artificial perennial flowering meadows in Austria and Germany and on a study of the characteristics of the natural grasslands in the country. The criteria for species selection are reported as well as an exemplary composition of species is suggested.