Influence of fertilization with humusil in late field production of broccoli
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Author: Krasimir Mihov
The effect of the liquid fertilizer Humusil applied as a solution (1:100/liquid fertilizer:water), incorporated in the soil (100 ml/plant), applied in afoliar form (100 l/da) and in a combined form (soil – 100 ml/plant + foliar – 100 l/da) was studied under the conditions of late field production of the broccoli variety Coronado F1 and control – plants, untreated with Humusil. It was established that the fertilization with Humusil had a positive effect on the studied characters: central and lateral flower head weight, central flower head yield, lateral flower head yield and total yield as the recorded values exceeded those of the control variant. The effect of the Humusil application varied within the limits of 8 to 84% and depended mainly on the way of fertilization. The biological realization of the crop was the most successful in the soil application. The highest values of the basic characters of economic significance – the central flower head weight, central flower head yield and total yield were registered in that variant.