Effect of the controlled-release fertilizer osmocote on the growth and development of GINKGO BILOBA L. seedlings
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Author: Lilyana Nacheva, Petya Gercheva, Valeria Ivanova
Besides their great ornamental value, Ginkgo biloba L. trees are known for their valuable wood with application in medicine and their seeds are used for food. The aim of this research was to study the possibilities for application of the controlled-release fertilizer Osmocote on the growth and development of Ginkgo biloba L seedlings. The fertilizer Osmocote Pro 3-4M (2nd generation), OsmocoteExact Standart (3rd generation) and Osmocote (Exact Hi End) – fourth generation were used in the experiment in the manufacturer's recommended concentrations. The results showed that the Osmocote application into the substrate for production of Ginkgo positively influenced the growth and development of the plants. In order to achieve a more intensive growth it is necessary to apply higher concentrations.