Effect of pre-sowing treatment of MAGNOLIA (MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORA L.) seeds on the sprouting and initial development of the plants
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Author: Valentin Panchev
Magnolia seeds are characterized by a very low germination rate, slow speed of sprouting and development of plants. That was the reason for determining the object of this investigation. The main goal of the present study was to establish the effect of pre-sowing treatment of magnolia seeds with Biolan on the sprouting and development of yоung plants. The experiments were carried out with seeds of Magnolia grandiflora L. The seeds were treated with 0.01% of Biolan for periods of 8 and 12 hours, under ambient conditions of 18-200С, as well as under low temperature of 40С. The control was of seeds treated with water under the same exposition and conditions. The seeds were sown in pots number 7. The number of sprouted seeds, survived plants, stem height and number of leaves were determined. The highest percentage of sprouting was established after treatment with the 0.01% of Biolan for 12 hours under low temperature and the plants with the highest stem were those under low temperature for 12 hours.