Celery – a profitable crop under irrigation
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Author: Bilyana Harizanova-Petrova, Antoniya Ovcharova
In the presented study an analysis of the irrigation regime (IR) and the obtained yield from the economic point of view was done, i.e. whether the applied irrigation regime was economically reasonable or not. The most important indicators characterizing the economic efficiency in celery production are: production (kg), production costs (lv), rate of profitability (%), production cost (lv/kg) and profit (lv/ha). The experiment was carried out in several variants under disturbed irrigation regime during 2010-2012 in the region of Plovdiv. From the economic point of view it is recommended celery to be grown under irrigation conditions and the irrigation application to be 130% ofm (optimal irrigation rate). The obtained production cost for that variant was the lowest – 0.60(lv/kg). The reduction of the irrigation rates was not profitable because with the reduction not much money could be saved. The obtained yield was vastly reduced and hence the profit per hectare as well. The profit earned under non-irrigated conditions was even negative – an amount equal to 2/3 of the spent production costs.