Investigation on the sensibility of newly introduced plum cultivars to shot hole in 2015 (brief communication)
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Author: Petar Savov, Diyana Panayotova, Valentina Bozhkova
The sensibility of seven newly introduced plum cultivars to shot hole caused by Stigmina carpophila (Lev) was investigated. The study was conducted in the Fruit Growing Institute in Plovdiv. The following plum cultivars introduced from Germany were observed: Jojo, Tophit plus, Topfirst, Toptaste, Topgigant plus and Haganta compared with Stanley as the standard. Symptoms on the leaves and fruits were visually determined using a six grade scale. The disease index was calculated by means of the McKinney (1923) formula. The greatest attack on the leaves was reported for Jojo, Topfirst and the standard Stanley as well as on the fruits of Topfirst, Toptaste and Stanley. The attack on the leaves of Topgigant plus was significant but not on the fruits. Leaves and fruits of Tophit plus and Haganta were slightly attacked so we can say that they showed resistance to shot-hole in that investigation.