Comparative histological study on the leaves of the parental cultivars and f1 generation of the alicant bushe х Rusalka 1 (vitis vinifera l.) hybrid
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Author: Ivanka Semerdjieva, Venelin Roichev, Todorka Mokreva, Tatyana Trifonova
A light microscope study was conducted on the structure of the leaf epidermis and mesophill of the grape (Vitis vinifera L.) parental cultivars and F1 generation resulting in the hybrid combination of Alicante Bushe x Rusalka 1. It was found that the three tested samples had similar histological features indicating their common origin and evolutionarydevelopment. The basic epidermal cells were small in size, isodiametric in shape and with a stomata located mainly on the lower surface of the leaf. The morphological specificity of the leaves was the presence of numerous long trichomes and a well- developed cuticle. The mathematical processing of the biometric data reflecting the parameters of the histological structures in the tested samples of the different variants confirmed the anatomical proximity and differences between the two parental cultivars and the seedling of the F1 generation. The results proved to be the needed basis for improving the selection of the vine.