Development of courses in organic farming by an eight partner European-wide project team
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Author: Angelova Rada; Ivanova, Mariana; Duff, John W.
Organic farming ed,ucation does not immediately suggest itself as appropriate for delivery using е learning methods. The approach adopted however estaЫished and used logical procedures to identify industry needs, set learning outcomes, estaЫish course structure and provide content which was used and evaluated in each partner country. The project was assemЫed and managed Ьу Higher School "Agricultural Colle9e" - Plovdiv, BG with partners from farming organisations, academic institutiors and consultancies in DK, GR, IT, The NL, SK and the UK. The project was fu1nded through the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the EU.Two levels of course (equivalent to EQF Levels 3 and 5) were developed and tested. They were specifipally tailored to acquaint the farmers (level 3) with the basic knowledge of organic production and Level 5 was intended to assist those in the role of farm advisors to Ье аЫе to assist producers to farm and market organic produce. Areas foГj improvement and further work have been identified.