Typologization of resorts villages in Bulgaria according to their demographic situation
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Author: Mihaylov, Pelo; Kilimperov, Ivan
The report examines 44 resorts in Bulgaria which by the date of the last census, February 1st, 2011 had the status of villages. An attempt has been made for their typologization according to their demographic situation, in order to provide a forecast for their future development as resorts. Based on the analysis of eight indicators characterizing the demographic situation and using the Rating Assessment Method, a typologization has been made of these 44 villages included in the research and they are divided in 4 types: I. Most favourable; II. Favourable; III. Unfavourable; IV. Least unfavourable. Nine villages are included in the group of the most favorable demographic situation: Banya in the region of Nova Zagora, Banya in the region of Razlog, Yundola, Kranevo, Ravda, Lozenets in the region of Burgas, Sinemorets, Shkorpilovtsi and Pancharevo. Fifteen villages are of the second type and in the third group respectively; only five resorts villages are included in the group of the least unfavourable demographic situation.