Labour evaluation and analysis of the staff, occuried in agricultural mechanization
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Author: Georgieva, Vanya; Dimova, Delyana
The labour of the personnel, involved in agricultural mechanization, is being evaluated by means of the working salary. It is a tool, used by the employer to help deal with three basic problems: to recruit the best workers needed for achieving the organization goals; to keep the workers who conscientiously do their duties and obligations; to motivate the personnel to achieve the planned financial and economic results. The labour evaluation in a certain company depends on the applied system. The choice of the labour evaluation system is a crucial task for the company`s management. The targets of every system for salary estimation are as follows: to give an objective evaluation of the labour results; to correlate the salary with the achieved working results at maximum level; to achieve a compromise between the company`s interests and the personnel; to motivate the personnel for higher productivity and working intensity. The main purpose of the study is to develop an algorithm of a system for evaluating the labour of the operators of agricultural machines. This system involves elements of piece-rate and time-rate systems. At the same time it has the role of relating the salary to the expenses. The algorithm, suggested in the study, may be used in the following cases: for evaluation and analysis of the labour of the personnel, involved in agricultural mechanization at different rates of manufacturing standard, total amount of working time, fuel expenses and others; to examine the ratio between labour productivity and working salary increase, which is one of the most important conditions for the effective functioning of the agricultural companies; for calculating economic and financial items.