Comparative analysis of the economic support foe the population of the minicipalities in Stara Zagora
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Author: Radev, Teodor; Radeva, Tihomira
Regional development is recognized as a stimulating factor for the economic growth of the national economy. The regional approach is distinguished by the fact that local resources are being used and developed, thus exploiting the opportunities to expand the economic operations, resulting in a higher economic performance at the macro level. On the other hand, between the regions there are large differences in terms of their potential and the trend of their development. Providing economic support for the local population makes the area attractive for living and creates an incentive for the overall development of the local society. The purpose of the article is to determine the potential of the selected municipalities for economic support for their population. The survey results show very large differences in the values of indicators by municipalities. This determines the unbalanced regional development, even in relatively small areas such as districts. Conducting a more detailed study can answer the question of how to exploit the potential of a municipality to promote the development of others and achieve synergistic effects.