Soil acidity - specific quality or ameliorative disadvantage of the vineyard terroir
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Author: Trendafilov, Krasimir; Valcheva, Violeta
This study systematize results of many years research on acid-alkaline balance of the complex of non-carbonate soils in Bulgaria, in terms of their suitability to form the soil component of the vineyard terroir. The conception of the terroir in the wine viticulture increasingly released by descriptive and analytical characteristics of the areas, which are traditionally accepted as wine terroirs and directed to forecasting models, interpreting the potential of a particular region or a concrete terrain for its transformation into terroir. From this viewpoint, the importance of acid-alkaline balance, determined by the structure of the soil acidity is a complex component of the terroir. In terms of their relative importance it is comparable to the importance of the chemical composition of the soil as determine the dynamics of its components in the soil-plant system.