Chemical and instrumental methods for determination of the organic matter copponent of the soils
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Author: Ilieva, R.; Filcheva, E.; Iliev, I.; Todorova, M.; Popova, R.; Valcheva, V.; Almaliev, M.; Trendafilov, K.
The aim of the investigation is to present the possibility to study the humus system by applying chemical, optical and spectral methods. To get a precise and detailed information about the content, composition, properties and distribution of organic matter along the profile depth, the main soils of Bulgaria are studied by means of chemical, spectral (visible and infrared spectroscopy), and micromorphological methods. The obtained data extend and enrich the information about the organic matter as an important diagnostic feature of the soil properties and processes, the evaluation of their intensity and the position of the processes in the soil profile. Depending on the purposes, the scientist could prefer either one or a combination of methods. Results for Bulgarian soils on the basis of the above mentioned methods are used in soil classification, soil evaluation, etc., which is valuable information for farmers.