The influence of dominator 360 CL herbicide on the production and the grape quality at the pamid variety
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Author: Spassov, Velichko; Valcheva, Violeta
The experiment was carried out in 2007 and 2008 in the vineyard of the village of Brestovitsza in the region of Plovdiv. Five variants were investigated - 1) Control - untreated, twice mechanically hoed in the row and between the rows, 2) Dominator (8000 ml/ha), 3) Dominator (12000 ml/ha), 4) Roundup (8000 ml/ha), 5) Roundup ( 12000 ml/ha). Тhе aim of the present investigation is to study the efficiency of the herbicide Dominator on the special type of weeds and the degree of weed spread, the influence of the production and on some indices - which characterize the grape quality (sugar content, titrabe and generally acidity, residues). The results showed that the both variants (8000 ml/ha and 12000 ml/ha) had had а perfect effect against all types of annual weeds. The dose of (8000 ml/ha) was efficient only against Cynodon dactylon (L) Pers, Andropogon halepensis - Brot. The dose of (12 000 ml/ha) was efficient against all the species - annual and perennial. Higher yields have been obtained from the variant, treated with Dominator ( 12 000 ml/ha - 22 230 - 22 250 kg/ha; 24,5 - 24,6%). The herbicide does not influence negatively over the quality of grape of c.v. Pamid.