Enhancement of seed germination and seedling griwth in Magnolia Grandifolra L. using pre-sowing treatment with growth regulators (IAA and GA3)
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Author: Ibrahim, Omer; Ivanova, Valeria; Gercheva, Petya; Nacheva, Lilyana
The efficiency of pre-sowing treatment of Magnolia grandiflora seed with GA3 and/or IAA at different concentrations ( 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 ppm) was investigated. The highest germination percentage was obtained with 25 00 ppm GA3 or IAA + GA3 ( 66,25%, 62,50%, respectively) Meanwhile, IAA with or without GA3 induced the best seedling growth. Using of 2500 ppm GA3 + IAA is, therefore, recommended to attain high germination percentage and vigorous seedlings.