Influence the methods of tillage on some physical properties of water-soil
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Author: Nankov, Monko
The studying was made during the 2000-2007 year in the experiment field in the Maize Research Institute on typical chernozem. Found that testing means of basic soil tillage don`t influence on values on soil moisture in the one meter soil layer (0 - 100 cm). Density of soil (g/cm3) and total porosity (%) remain in the optimal range for this soil type - respectively of 1,19 to 1,40 g/cm3 and on 45 to 56 %. Soil hardness (kg/cm2) increase compared recorded at the beginning of the study (18.05.2001) average for layer 0 - 40 cm with 65,41 %; 37,83%; 30,93% and 27,60% for A1, A2, A3 and A4. Values of the hardness phase (Sp) increased from starting date set st the beginning of the study more materially for variant A1 (ploughing at 25-30 cm) and A4 (tillage with disc-harrow at 10 - 12 cm). In tillage with falt-cut at 25-30 cm (A2), loosening at 25-30 cm (A3) and disk-harrow at 10 - 12 cm (A4) percentage of pores occupied water (Lp) increases with 6,31 %; 4, 31% and 3,65% a pore occupied by air (Gp) increase with 3,90%; 4,17% and 2,04%.