Influence of pesticides Actara 25 WG, Apron XL 350 FC, Maxim 025 FS on the seed of sunflower hybrids Alego
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Author: Dimitrov, Yanko; Dimitrova, Maya; Palagacheva, Nedyalka
In result of limiting the negative after actions to chemicization in the agriculture priority pesticides are used in sowing treatment of the seed. Syngenta company markets Alego sunflower hybrids treated with systemic insecticide Actara 25 WG (Thiamethoxam) and fungicides Apron XL 350 FC (Mefenoxam), Maxim 025 FS (Fludioxonil) against soil pests. The conducted observation in laboratory conditions establish the existence of a stimulating impact to this combination on the fertile length of young root.