Regional molecular-taxonomic evaluation of Orobanche Subsect. Glandulosae using ISSR markers
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Author: Stoyanov, Kiril; Denev, Iliya
Genus Orobanche is represented by 18 species in Bulgaria. Samples were collected from different places in Bulgaria inhabited by four representatives of Orobanche subsect. Glandulosae (O.alba, O. reticulata subsp. pallisiflora, O. serbica and O. pancicii). The flower buds were used to isolate genomic DNA and run PCR reactions with five ISSR primers. The amplified polymorphic bands were scored, processed by cluster analysis and used to build consequent cladogram. This confirmed the grouping of the known species. However, the group of O. alba showed quite high diversity. Because the method is free of environment influence this approach could be used for better understanding of taxonomic relationships in Orobanche.