Chemical control of field brome (Bromus arvensis L.) in wheat fields
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Author: Tityanov, Miroslav; Tonev, Tonyo; Mitkov, Anyo
Field brome (Bromus arvensis) is one of the dangerous and widely spread grassy weeds in the wheat fields in Bulgaria. Y+The species is spread everywhere and sometimes at quite high density. The experiments were carried out during the period 2008 - 2010 in the area of Dryanovo village, Yambol region, in the fields with high-density infestation by field brome (Bromus arvensis). Five leaf systemic commercial chemicals were tested, containing the following active substances: (Axial 050 EC 50g/L - pinoxaden; Topic 080 EC + antidote - clodinafop; Puma super 100 EC - 69 g/L - fenoxaprop-P-ethyl; Palas 75 WG 750 g/kg pyroxulam and Hussar max WG mesosulfuron - methyl 30g/kg + iodosulfuron-methyl 30 g/kg), some of them belonging totally yo the spectrum of grassy weed controling chamicals and others being of a mixed spectrum of effect. The results of the experiments showed from total lack of efficiency of some of those products against field brome, through a partial effect of others, to a 100 percent eradication of that grassy weed species by Palas 75 WG.