The impact of artificial intelligence on accounting
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Author: Iancu, Eugenia; Grosu, Veronica; Morariu, Nicolae
Due to modes of communication, society is described by the rapid changes and innovation in all knowledge domains. In the new millennium, economy can be seen like a scene in which businesses have become e-business, commerce has become e-commerce, e-service, but at the same time, new e-communities are born. In this paper, they were approached in a view of a great actuality, the newest directions of accounting modernization through intelligent systems such as expert systems. The outgrowth of such s technological ensemble assumes going through a very complex research and development activity, which is impossible to handle individually or through the perspective of a single domain. That`s why team work and multidisciplinary have formed the keywords of the entire approach. Out through are illustrated the notions of accounting, accounting profession, artificial intelligence, expert systems.