Collecting, characterization and maintains of accessions from Genus Allium
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Author: Babrikov, Todor; Neykov, Nikolay; Velcheva, Nikolaya; Chavdarov, Petar; Uzunszalieva, Katya; Neykov, Stefan
The Allium collection held at the Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (IPGR) in Sadovo comprises 711 accessions, including 230 local and 481 introduced. The biggest part of the collection was received from Germany and from the United Kingdom. Most of the accessions (450) have been morphologically, biologically and economically evaluated according to the Internationa and IBPGR Descriptors. For determination of the quantitative characters and establishment of correlation indices were used local forms of garlic. For multiplication needs, 405 accessions have been regenerated and were kept- ex-situ and in the genebank. All data were properly documented in uploaded in on-line documentation system. Some perspective lines for selection needs were expected by this evaluation and core collection was made. The 210 Allium accessions were sent for safety - duplication in CGN - Wageningen.