Influence of biofertilizers on quality indicators of pepper production
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Author: Vlahova, Veselka; Boteva, Hriska; Cholakov, Tencho
Field experiments for the effect of organic fertilizers: Labin, Bio One, Tecamin, Agriful, Humustim and Biohumus on yield and quality production of pepper, variety pepper Kurtovska kapia were performed on strongly leached meadow cinnamonic soil at the experiment field of the Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute during the period 2008 - 2010. After mineral fertilization the total pepper yield is highest averagely for the period of study. An increase of the yield in pepper with reduced mineral fertilization is established after application of organic products from 8,9% /after fertilization with Labin/ to 22,8%/ after fertilization with Agriful / towards the control. Established a positive effect of fertilization with fertilizes on the content of vitamin C in the fruit of pepper. The influence of fertilizers on the content of dry matter and sugars in fruit is incidental. Organic fertilizers application rsults in reduction of the synthetic fertilizers use that is a prerequisite for the production of safety production.