Economic profitability of construction of an Ulo cold storage plant for apple fruit storing
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Author: Bulatovic, Branka; Dimitrijevic, Bojan
Family agricultural farms and companies occupied in the production of fruit have a considerable role in the overall production and commerce of fruit on Serbia. Large competition, but also low purchase and sale preserve them in order to sell them at the moment they can get the highest possible sale prices on the market. Recently, a ULO cold storage plant construction has frequently been mentioned in our country as a reliable solution which would provide long-term and high-quality preservation of fruit until the moment it has been taken out of the market. This kind of a cold storage plant shall make placement of fruit ( in this case, apples, as observed in the work) possible to take place in the interval from December to May. The time chambers open and apple fruit is taken out on the market shall be in accordance with the decision circumstances on the market and financial strains of the farm or company members. Construction of a ULO cold storage plant requires great financial investments, therefore the economic effectivity of the investment in question has been analysed within the work, and it has been concluded that the construction of a ULO cold storage plant is economically justifiable. When determining the economic profitability of investing in a ULO cold storage plant, methods such as investment calculation, encompassing determination of all financial incomes and expenditures during the investment period, have been applied in the work.