The comparison of some potato cultivars (Solanum tuberosum L.) for quantitative and qualitative parameters
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Author: Rusinovci, Imer; Fetahu, Shukri; Aliu, Sali; Kaciu, Skender; Salihu, Salih
The objective of this study was testing some of the potato cultivars for quantitative and qualitative parameters. The cultivars of potato were with different origin and institutions. The experiment was located in the агеа of Vushtrria near Prishtina of 30 km. In this experiment for sowing was used the original seed from the Netherlands and Germany. The design of the experiment was random complete Ыосk with four replication. The active surface of the plot was 28 m2 ог 40 plants рег plots ог 4 repetition х 28 m2 = 112 m2. The distances between plants were О.70 х 0.40 m ог in total 35,714 plants per hectare. The investigated parameters in this study were; dry matter (DM), Starch content relative (SCR) value expressed in percentage and yield (t/ha).Тhe starch content was determined Ьу Nydrl's methodology. Dry matter is determined in equipment METTLER Toledo LC PR-P 43, which was responsiЫe for this kind of study. The investigated parameters of potato cultivars were with higher significance for level 0.05 and 0.01. The total average value for dry matter (DM) at all cultivars was 16.72 to 16.84%, while the differences between them were 0.12%. The Starch content (SC) in our investigations was with average value 11.10%, with differences between cultivars were significantly higher. For average yield was obtained value 53.61 t/ha which was relatively higher average yield. The differences between cultivars for yield were +О.72 t/ha ог in relative value 1.34%.