Evaluation of winter common wheat varieties for the stability of grain quality
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Author: Atanasova, Dobrinka; Dochev, Veselin; Tsenov, Nikolay; Todorov, Ivan
The study was conducted during the period 2004 - 2007. Twenty winter common wheat varieties were analysed for 6 indices, defining the quality of wheat in two locations of the country - Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute, General Tosheva and the Institute of Agriculture and Seed knowledge, Obraztsov chiflik, Rousse. Comparing the varieties and determining their stability the Principal Component Analysis was involved (PCA). The data were processed using the special statistical package GGEbiplot 6.3. In the two test locations, the most variable was the performance of indices dough tolerance and sedimentation. Varieties of quality first group were characterised by higher means comparing to the total average. Varieties Aglika, Milena and Preslav were distinguished as the most stable and with the best expression of examined quality parameters.