Evaluation of some white maize (Zea mays L.) landraces for morphological ear parameters in different locality in Kosovo
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Author: Fetahu, Shukri; Aliu, Sali; Kaciu, Skender, Rusinovci, Imer; Salihu, Salih
Information on the local populations in essential in crop improvement. The objectives of the experiment were to evaluate some local maize landraces in farmers fields and to determine diversity for morphological ear parameters. The out expedition during the year 2008 was observed and identify five locations at the different part of Kosovo; Podujeve-L1; Sllatine-L2; Kline-L3; Ferizaj_l4 dhe Fushe Kosove-L5. The experimental design was based on Split-Plot methods. This study shows significant variability and diversity between landraces for ear parameters. Following the analysis of variance (ANOVA) and comparisons based on the least significant difference (LSD), the results indicate that the best (higher) average value for EW 9214.96 g), EL (18.78 cm), RNE (11.6), KW (43.36 g) and GYE (190.54 g) was obtained at the locality 4 (L4). In relation to the agronomic characteristics and statistical data, there was higher significantly different at p=0.01. A certain level of diversity was found in plant and ear parameters will be needed in the future for a complete characterization.