Yield of total and digestible amino acids from varieties of triticale in experiments with muscovy ducks
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Author: Kirchev, Hristofor; Penkov, Dimo
Two triticale varieties - AD-7291 (wheat type) and Rakita (rye type) grown in the period 2003 - 2005 has been used. The average digestibility of amino acids for Muscovy ducks in grain of triticale is established by fecal method, modified and adapted for Muscovy ducks. As frontloaded and starving analogues (two repetitions of six pairs of analogues, n=12) were male, at the same age (64-66 weeks), kept under identical conditions in a confined space in the experimental base of the Agricultural University - Plovdiv. There have been differences in the coefficients of true digestibility, yield both the general and the digestible amino acids, depending on the variety of triticale.