Beta-glucan content of oat grain grown in South Bulgaria. I. Effect of oat genotype and year on the grain beta-glucan content
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Author: Georgieva, Tonya; Zorovski, Plamen; Gotcheva, Velitchka; Taneva, Polina
Seven Bulgarian and two foreign oat varieties were grown throughout the years 2006 - 2009 in South Bulgaria and the factors affecting the β-glucan content of the oat grain were studied. Results of the study show that the year ( e.g. climatic conditions) was a very strong factor affecting the β-glucan content of the winter oat genotypes. Genotypes itself and its interaction with the year also exert an influence on oat`s β-glucan content. Genotypes with highest β-glucan content found were the cultivar HiFi (American) - 5,2 %, cultivar Mina (Bulgarian) - 4,8 % and breeding line M-K - 4,6 %.