Beta-glucan content of oat grain grown in South Bulgaria. II. Effect of humustim and imunocitofit on β-glucan content of winter and spring-grown oat cultivars
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Author: Zorovski, Plamen; Georgieva, Tonya; Gotcheva, Velitcha; Angelov, Angel
The effect of two growth regulators - Humustim and Imunocitofit on the β-glucan content of four winter- and five spring-grown oat cultivars in South Bulgaria throughout the period 2006 - 2009 was studied. Results show a stronger effect of Imunocitofit, which increased β-glucan content by 9,1 % on average for the period and for all winter-grown cultivars, while the application of Humustim brought to an increase of 3,3 %. However, it was found that β-glucan content of the spring-grown cultivars was positively affected only by Humustim. Significant differences were found for the main effects of year, oat cultivars, growth regulators (Humustim and Imunocitofit) and their interaction.