Twenty years of fruitful co-operation among the ecofarm association for organic agriculture, the agroecological centre at the agricultural university – plovdiv and some other non-governmental organisations for the recognition of organic agriculture in bul
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Author: Karov, Stoycho
The ECOFARM Association for Organic Agriculture was foundеd in 1996. It is one of the first non-governmental organisations which popularise the principles of sustainable agriculture and development of Bulgarian organic farming. In contrast to most European countries, for a long time, until the turn of the century, there was no government policy and support for organic agriculture in Bulgaria. The difficult pioneer activity for laying its foundations and initial development was realised mainly by the Agroecological Center at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, the ECOFARM Association for Organic Agriculture, the BIOSELENA Foundation, the AGROLINK Association and other non-governmental organisations. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of ECOFARM, the present plenary report makes a short review of the fruitful co-operation among the Agroecological Center, the ECOFARM Association and other non-governmental organisations in the field of Bulgarian organic agriculture, an activity realised mainly by means of international projects.