Study on the influence of different doses from tribulus terrestris dry extract on the hepatic status in Japanese quails (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica)
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Author: Ivanova, Rumiana; Hristev, Hristo; Penkov, Dimo; Nickolova, Matina; Penchev, Georgi; Grigorova, Svetlana
The influence of 2 doses - 4mg/kg LW and 10 mg/kg LW (in 2 regimes - with and without break) of Bulgarian phytoproduct VemoHerb T (dry extract of Tribulus Terrestris - TT) on the liver`s weight, histostructure and main hepatic enzymes in Japanese quails has been studied. The authors establish, that the high doses of the extract increase the female bird`s liver weight, causes middle degree of liver fat dystrophy and significant increase of ASAT and ALAT in the both sexes. The low dose causes low to middle degree of liver dystrophy in the male birds only.