Investigation on the egg fertility and hatchability in ostriches (Struthio Camelus)
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Author: Nickolova, Matina
An investigation with five female and two males (sexual ration of 1:2.5) of Black African ostrich (Struthio camelus) during their first and second reproductive periods was carried out. During the whole experimental period, the birds were reared extensively. The values of studied indices increase during the second reproductive year as follow: fertility - from 86.59 to 87.64%, hatchability of sett eggs - from 70.12 to 74.16% and hatchability of eggs coincide with the peak of the egg laying intensity in both of the studied productive ages of the hens-ostriches. This species of fowl is characterised with its high later embryonic mortality, that decrease with the increasing of age of the hens (from 16.47 to 14.88%).