Prediction of main traits of semen characteristic of Benkovska white and Landaise geese
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Author: Gerzilov, Vasko; Nickolova, Matina
A study was carried out with 10 Benkovska white and 10 Landaise ganders for early prediction of the semen volume, sperm motility and sperm concentration by the repeatability coefficient (Rw). With a high repeatability coefficient (P<0.001) after the first 3 ejaculates vs. total ejaculates were semen volumes - Rw=0.884 and Rw=0.819, and sperm concentration Rw=0.741 and Rw=0.833 for Benkovska white and Landaise ganders respectively. The sperm motility was with a high repeatability coefficient (P<0.001) after the first 4 ejaculates vs total ejaculates Rw=0.786 for the Benkovska white and after the first 5 ejaculates vs total ejaculates Rw=0.719 for the Landaise ganders.