Agrobiological investigation of table vine cultivars
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Author: Roytchev, Venelin; Grigorova, Filka; Botianski, Pavel
Agrobiological and technological investigations of newly developed table vine cultivars grown under the soil and climatic conditions of the region of Novo selo, the Rhodopes, have been carried out. It has been found that the cultivars Armika, Cherna perla, Muskat rusenski and Super early Bolgar ripen very early, and Kondarev and Sredets - early. All cultivars are characterized by a high percentage of developed buds, a comparatively low percentage of fruiting shoots and a high fertility coefficient. Muskat rusenski, Sredets, Kondarev and Super early Bolgar produce higher grape yield. The studied cultivars posses a high percentage of berries skin and mesocarp and a low percentage of rachises and seeds.